July 30, 2009

Picture of Stephanie

This is a picture of Stephanie. I'm the type of person who needs a visual for my stories. This girl is absolutely gorgeous. Her eyes totally made me think of my character. I usually always go for the emo/scene girls because they sometimes have attitude when they take pictures. Trust me, that's a good thing. Especially for me. Man this girl is just perfect. You can see the innocence in her but deep down inside you know somethings going on. I love it! Her hair too! :D I'm so glad I found her and now I should go change my description of her in my first chapter. Anyways I decided to do something different... Sometimes I get a little tense while writing the same story so then I start writing other stories... So I've decided to let you guys send me pictures and I'll write a story about it. Or I can just find pictures and write a story about it. Either one but I'd rather have you guys send me some because it will make it more fun and I think you'd probably be proud knowing that you picked that picture for my blog. Haha. :] Please leave comments ... And pictures!! :]

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