August 2, 2009

Picture of Ricky

Ok this everyone is Ricky Evan... I think his last name is Evan... Wow I don't even remember the names of my own characters... Anyways... Hes one handsome guy. (sexy, hot, cute) I don't like using the words sexy or hot. Its just not right. Don't mind the blue "shirt." Lol. Just pretend it was a poorly made "shirt" but look he still looks good in it. (I made the "shirt" by the way) I think he pulls the look off pretty well... The reason I did that was because Mr. MuscleMan was showing his muscles. I didn't think it was appropriate to put on my blog, hence the "shirt." :] So lets start off with his looks... His eyes are totally gorgeous. (I hope he doesn't mind that I referred to his eyes as gorgeous) His blonde hair is prefect. He looks like an all American boy but with a touch of something foreign. Something from like Europe... I think. I don't know! The necklace is a nice touch. God he is just perfect for the part. Hope you like him too! If boys are reading this then excuse my gushing emotions over this boy. He is wonderful. :] Take care!

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