August 5, 2009

How My Day Was Today...

I don't feel like writing another chapter right now... I'd rather talk about my day because it was extremely WEIRD... Kind of. I don't know. Lets start off with earlier in the day.

Around 12 o'clock my mom took me to my ortho. So it was pretty boring as always and then the lady had to do impressions on the top and bottom of the teeth. I HATE THEM. Especially when they do the top 'cause you can't breathe through your mouth and you start panicking and trying to breathe through your nose. Even for me its really nerve racking. I'm usually calm and can take the freaking out and the pain in silence but this time I was thinking so many stuff. So many things going through my head... 'What if the lady couldn't get it out? What if it was permanently stuck there? I can't breathe! I'm going to suffocate.' I practically like threw it up because it was so close to the back of my throat every time. God I just hate them... The weird part is theres this guy at school that goes to same ortho as me and his face was up on the wall RIGHT in front of me. The only thing I could see was his face, smiling at me. It was creepy. It was either look at him or stare at the ceiling... I decided to stare at the ceiling.

After ortho I argue with my older brother, nothing new. I read my book for a good 30 minutes and finished it. It was extremely sad. Made me bawl my eyes out. If you want to be all emotional read: A Rose For Melinda by Lurlene McDaniel. Lurlene's books are extrememly sentimental. Its not possible to not cry for every one of her books. They just really make you so... Sad and depressed yet they leave you with hope and they make you think about the world right now, and what people are going through. Its good. I like her a lot. Try reading them. For me. With a cherry on top...(stupid line, I know)

After all that and yelling at my brother again so that he can get me dinner I went to a jewelry party/show with my mom at her friends house. Guess who I saw? The mother to the boy whose face was plastered right in front of me in the X-ray room. Lovely isn't it? Also completely strange. The whole time I was looking at her waiting for her son to pop up out of no where and then I'd start imagining him with his smiling face. I'm so glad I stared at the ceiling....

We ended up not getting any jewelry and the party was extremely dull... But another thing happened that puzzled me... It was about yesterday and my BFF was telling me how I should get in shape and start track again. (Not that I'm fat... Just lazy...) I told her I didn't want to do it for my own reasons. Well when I was there one of the track moms whose daughter was my on the track team with me said, "You better start getting in shape for track. Holly(another girl on the track team) is moving to Australia and we need another girl." First thing that popped in my head was, 'Holly please to god don't go to Australia. PLEASE. I BEG OF YOU.' Then I must've seemed kind of held back about it so my mom stepped in and started gabbering on about random stuff. You see doing track is a lot more to me than you think. You might just think its a fun sport to just hang out and run around with friends but to me theres more to it. Too long to explain my reasoning... Now it seems like everyone wants me to start track again and I dont want to... Things happened and things change and I see that track isn't going to do anything for anyone. Or even myself. Sure it might make me healthy but its not my ideal dream. I'm not even that fast. I'm slow now. :P BLAH. Its just... Complicated...

When I got out of the house I felt like I was breathing for the first time. I started to relax but the tension of just a stupid sport like track got me so... I don't know. I'm in a certain mode when I do track... Now the only thing I need to find out is, do I try Track again or not? Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :/ Hope your day was fun and a lot more exciting. Take care everyone! Send me comments and pictures too! If you want to know what I mean by pictures either look on my blog post about Steph or Ricky. Thanks! Toodle-doo! Oh and Sweet dreams!

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