August 19, 2009

Short Story: Hector

You'd think after how many times I stare at a darn clock something might actually happen. The harder you stare at it the slower the hands move, the slower life moves on, the slower it will take for something good to actually happen to me.

I know I should probably get my ass up and do something but there's really nothing to do. Nothing that will make my life have some kind of effect. Nothing.

Although clocks aren't the only things that I stare at with disdain, it does have some comfort. Maybe the faster time goes by, the faster I can get to my destination in life. So what if I stop staring at the clock? Will it help? Is it just plain hopeless?

"Hector!" That's my mother. My adoring mother who I care about so very much... "Here.. Its Craig," she says while handing me the phone. I take it out of her hand and hold it up to my ear, "Sup dude?" "Hey my man! Whats up Hector?" I grin, he seems to be a lot happier since we last talked. His girlfriend had apparently left him for an older man. I don't just mean like a year or two older I mean like 20 years older or maybe even more. "Ah you know me. Not much. Just sitting here... Staring at a clock..." He laughs, "Man your so funny. Staring at a clock... Good one..." little did he know that I actually was staring at a clock... "So what you call for anyways?" "Well Hector... There's a party tonight over at Veronica's and I was wondering if you wanted to come along," I put my elbows on the counter and try thinking about it for a good five seconds til' I say, "Isn't Veronica the one with the psychotic boyfriend who got thrown in jail a couple years ago and then she found out she was pregnant with his kid?" "No no man. That's a different Veronica. This Veronica is the one who throws parties every Saturday 'cause her parents always have to work and she dated... Um whats his face? The guy with the big mouth and blond hair and thinks hes all that and shows off in front of the ladies?" "Oh.. That Veronica... By the way that guys name is Fred," I try finding a snack in the cupboard but come up empty. "Yeah whatever dude. You gonna come or what?" "Sure." "I'll pick ya' up at... Uh... Six? Is that OK?" "Yeah yeah... Make sure were home by 12:30, don't want my mom freaking out if I stay out too late." "Alright. See yeah later." "Bye," I hang up the phone.

Another party and another set of beautiful ladies lining up for their dance with us handsome guys. Its like heaven on earth for us, even better when they get a little booze.

Don't get me wrong or anything. I'm a gentleman of some sort. I respect girls and give them attention because we all know how much they crave it. No offense but you have to admit you girls love it when we brush the hair off your face, kiss you sweetly with patience, wrap our arms around your waist, kiss your neck gently, opening the door for you, telling you how much we love you, writing you poems, you all buy it. You may not admit it but believe me you do.

For the next two hours Hector has no clue what he wants to do to pass the time so he just gets on the computer and gets on AIM.

He briefly scrolls down the list looking for somebody to talk to but comes up empty. One more hour and forty-seven minutes to go and yet again Hector has faced the dilemma of getting a life. Something that is always plaguing his mind all the time. Hector is a boy of patience and love, all he wants is something new and exciting but it just seems like that's never going to happen.

2 hours and 45 minutes later

"Okay remember. Be cool. Don't get in a fight or else your not getting a ride back home, got it Hector?" I nod my head in agreement. Fair enough right?

When Craig opens the door you can smell alcohol wafting through the door. I almost coughed from how strong it was, my eyes watered a little bit but I just tried to blink really quick to make it go away.

"Hey Trina," I say. I haven't talked to her in awhile. Shes been trying to avoid me for whatever reason. "'Oh hi Hector...." She looks me up and down and smirks, then saunters off with a beer in her hands. Okay talk about major awkward.

I move around the room trying to find someone I can just talk to. Nobody... Okay lets try the living room. "Hector over here!" I turn around and see Christine walking towards me. I dated her for about a month but then she dumped me saying we should just be friends. Ever since we've been pretty cool. Shes nice and all but she can get annoying sometimes.

"Oh hey Christine, whats up?" She gives me hug which is a little unexpected but I try to pull away before her boyfriend might get territorial. "Nothing much. How ya been Hector?" I nod my head, indicating 'around,' "well you know me. Just sitting at home, enjoying life." Okay maybe I shouldn't have lied about the enjoying life part but I don't want to keep talking to this chick. "You?" She looks down in her cup and says, "I think I'm pregnant with Craig's baby."

First words that come to my head, 'What the hell?' She takes a sip from her cup and avoids eye contact with me. Is she expecting me to do all the talking when shes the one who totally dropped the bomb? "Uh. I-I don't know what to say, I guess um.... When?" "Oh about 2 weeks ago. I got drunk at Marci's party and Craig was there and my boyfriend was pissing me off so when he left I kind of got you know, I don't know what you call it, careless? So me and Craig, you know..." I keep staring at her. Maybe that's why Craig wanted me to come, or maybe its so that he could see her and get some kind of a relationship going. "Does Craig know yet?" She finally looks at me and a tear trickles down her face. Oh shit. "No. I'm too scared. I don't want an abortion. I live with a foster family so parents aren't really that much of an issue. I don't want him to just be the Dad who visits his kids once every month like my dad, look I know I'm asking for a lot but I'm the one who's frickin' pregnant here! I want him to start a family with me, to be with me." I think my mouth must've dropped open. This girl is asking Craig to marry her. "Hold on let me get something straight. You want Craig to marry you?" She nods and even more tears come trickling down her cheeks. Her eyes are bloodshot and her hands seem nervous and shaky because I can see the liquid inside making ripples.

"Hector, if you could I'd like you to ask him for me. Please Hector." I didn't know what to say. It seemed so absurd. Craig marrying Christine at such a young age. Seemed like I was in a whole other world where nothing made sense anymore. I guess Craig would do what seemed right but I don't think hes ready to devote his whole entire life for them. "Like now Hector." I stare at her. Now she wants it to be done this instant? Is this chick dumb or drunk? Well obviously not drunk 'cause shes pregnant but its still a possibility. "Yeah um... Are you sure I should ask him right now?" "Yes. I just want to get it over with." "Okay so I guess follow me." I start walking towards the kitchen because usually Craig is chugging down some bear or tequila by now so most likely he'd be in there. I hope to god he isn't drunk yet or he just might say 'Yes' without actually meaning it.

I spot him on one of the kitchen tables just slowly sipping a beer and laughing about something Joe said. Joe points at us and Craig smiles and waves us over. I walk, kind of lopsidedly. I'm not sure this is a good idea. I mean they are 18 but its still young.

"Hey Hector want a beer?" I shake my head. "Alright then. Hey Christine." She nods her head and then walks over to the sink and fills up her cup with water. I take hold of Craig's arm leaning my head inwards so nobody can hear what I'm saying. "Do you remember, maybe a couple nights ago, when you had sex with Christine?" He looks at me with confusion on his face. "How the hell do you know that?" "Oh... A little bird flew by my window and told me." Once again he gives me another confused look like I was being serious.

"Okay listen up Craig. I'm gonna tell you something and you might not be too happy about it," I lean in closer. "Christine is pregnant. With your baby. Now don't say anything, let me finish... She wants you to marry her. She knows she can't take of it all by herself and she doesn't want her kid to grow up barely seeing its father."

8 months later

"Hector!! Come on in buddy!" I walk in to Craig and Christine's new place. Feels nice, smells nice, looks comfortable. They found a house about 2 blocks away from mine. Its nothing fancy but it'll do for now. "Hey Craig... Its been awhile. Like what? 3 weeks?" "Yeah something like that," Craig smiles. Christine walks out. Man she is huge. I don't understand how you girls can go through this. Carrying this tiny thing but it makes you look so big. No offense. "Hey Christine," I walk up to her and give her a hug. She hugs me back but its kind of difficult when your pregnant. She smiles and pulls my hand to her stomach. "Aw hes kicking," she smiles and I can feel the baby kicking. I smile back her. "Hector its real good to see you. I guess you kinda figured its a boy when I said 'hes kicking' huh?" I nod. A boy. Craig's going to love that. I think since me and Craig have been close I'm gonna be this kids uncle. Most likely I'd baby sit him. Craig would want to go places with him and me. I guess I'll be an uncle pretty soon.

"Babe can you get the plates at the top of the cupboard. I can't reach them," Christine says. "Yeah, sure." He grabs 4 plates and places them on the table. "Hector sit. Sit. You don't have to stand there," Christine laughs and pulls out a chair for me. She walks back into the kitchen, I turn around just in time to see Craig holding her waist. Kissing her cheek. She smiles and kisses him full on the lips. I'm glad their happy together. Christine's foster parents kicked her out and Craig's parents just wanted him out of the house even if she wasn't pregnant. They both got full time jobs and are trying to keep up with the school work. I really hope their happy together. They seem like it.

As soon as Christine puts the food on the table and everyone sits down I start to dig into the food. Then Christine slaps my hand and Craig puts his arm around her shoulders. I stare at both of them. "Am I missing something? I thought when the food is on the table you eat, did I not get the memo?" "Hector what do you notice about the table?" Christine says. I look around. Trying to figure it out. "Um.... Did you guys get new tablecloths?" Craig starts laughing and Christine smiles widely. "Yes Hector we did as a matter of fact, but there's something else that your missing... Did you notice that there are 4 plates on the table?" I look again and nod. "Want to know who were waiting for?" I stare dumbly. This is the dumbest game ever. "Um, the baby?" I say. "Well yeah but actually my sister is coming over," she smiles at Craig and he kisses her. Too much mushy mushy right now. I'm flippin' hungry. I stare at both of them, still not getting it. "So? Is she like some royal princess or something?" Christine begins to say, "Hector shes your age, and me and Craig think its time you have a girlfriend that you can actually stay with for awhile, you seem lonely, and Craig won't always be around when the baby comes, hes hardly around even now. I just thought a relationship would be good for you. So my sister was available and I thought you guys might have a lot in common, so just give it a try will you?"

I stare blankly, trying to make sense out of this. It is true that me and Craig will be spending less time as buddies but that doesn't mean I'm lonely. Just to satisfy Christine since shes so sensitive, given her state, I nod my head and set my fork and knife down and begin to wait.

"When is she coming?" I say. Irritated that this girl is keeping me from eating. Christine says, "She'll be here in a few. She said she was running late 'cause of some project or whatever." "Does she know that shes being forced to date me?" I say. Craig kind of looks away awkwardly and begins to say, "Well... Not really. You see she doesn't like dating according to Christine and shes kinda a whats the word? ...Mean, to put it nicely. She can be difficult but once you get passed that shes wonderful, a real nice girl. She doesn't know your gonna be here, so expect some sarcastic remarks and rude stares from her tonight, give her week to warm up to ya k?" I look at the clock. Great, I didn't know was being fed to this man eating chick that doesn't like dating. She probably won't like me.

Fifteen minutes passes by and still nothing. I stare at the food longingly. I am so hungry.

Knock, Knock, Knock

Craig gets up from the table and opens the door. What I don't expect is this chick, is completely.... HOT. She has really sexy looking eyes, blue with a little bit of green in them. She gives me a glance and I can just tell the realization is setting in that she was just set up, by her own sister. She pulls the chair out from next to me and pulls her coat over the chair and sits down. All lady like too. She gets the napkin and places it in her lap. Her back is standing so straight and her hands are interlocked in front of her in the table. She has pretty brunette hair that is shining in the light above the dining table. Her skin is pale. Her mouth is so damn sexy. I think I'm beginning to drool. She has on a black T-shirt that has a red rose with thorns on it. Its kinda cool looking. I try looking closer at the drawing but actually it looks like I'm staring at her uh... You know... Her boobs, that's why she glares at me and hits my face. I stumble back in my chair. Oh shit. This girl is gonna kill me. Craig of course, the real buddy he is, is cracking up. Laughing his head off and Christine just stares at Craig, indicating for him to shut up.

The girl scoots farther away from me and is sitting on the other side of the seat, the farthest she can get away from me. I can't help but notice how shes wearing dark blue skinny jeans and black converse. She doesn't wear noel polish which I dig. It bugs me when girls do that. Christine starts talking, trying to lighten the awkward vibe in the room. "Hey Jade, this is Hector. Hes a friend of Craig's. Hes your age too." She smiles. Jade... Jade... Pretty name. I like it. "What a wonderful friend you have here Craig... Perverted asshole, breathing done my neck..." She glances back at me and I try smiling, but it doesn't feel right. Craig says, "Well usually hes not like that but uh, hes a good buddy Jade. Be nice to him alright?" Jade nods, but you can tell shes still not gonna be nice to me. Christine smiles again and says, "Okay, lets eat now." I grab the spoon and plop the mashed potatoes on my plate. Christine serves me some steak and a few lettuce pieces with some kind of pink dressing on it. Man am I hungry, but I can't help but notice how Jade is looking at me, with disdain and with an utter disgusting manner. I wouldn't be surprised if she dumped her plate of food on my head.

I keep eating. Everyone is silent. Not a peep from anyone. I suppose we're all just too hungry to care about the silence, that's when Jade looks at me again and begins to say, "So Hector, do you frequently like to look at girls' boobs while your drooling, can't get a girl huh?" She smirks and takes a bite of her salad. I drop my fork on my plate, shocked by such a rude comment, you'd think a girl like her would have manners. "Excuse you, I can get any girl I want. Unlike you. What do you do? Stand out of McDonald's and wait for your Prince Charming to come waltzing out with a Big Mac and some fries, just to whisk you off your feet into his cruddy old car that smells like old socks have been thrown around in there?" I grab my fork again and eat some more. Her hand is suspended in air, stopped in motion where the piece of steak was proceeding into her mouth. She must be shocked at my come back. Actually that's probably what she does, that's why shes so damn shocked.

Christine and Craig finish their food, they still haven't talked, even after our little rude remarks. They hold hands above the table. Then Craig places his hand on her stomach and Christine puts hers over his. Jade stares at the hands, still eating her food. I do the same. I guess we're both shocked by how well they look together, so happy and content. Strange to think they were meant to be. I guess me and Jade both wish we had that. That one true love, thank god that baby has parents that are together. Although their not married yet, but soon.

When I finish my food I drink the rest of my Pepsi, still staring at their hands. Jade does the same. Craig gets up and takes the plates to the kitchen, tha'ts when Christine bounces back to reality. "How was the food?" I smile and say, "It was real good Christine, didn't know you could cook so well." Jade just smiles and nods, agreeing with my statement. Craig comes back and helps Christine out of her chair. We all stand up. Its only 10 o'clock but I feel that I should leave, this night was supposed to be a reunion after being away for such a long time but turned out to being some lame date, actually not even a date, more like a funeral. A stupid set up that didn't even go that well.

I get up from my chair and then Jade does the same. "I better get going. Its been nice seeing you guys," I say. Heading towards the door. "Oh please wait Hector. How bout you stay over the night?" Oh my god. What the hell? I don't want to know what shes thinking. "No that's okay. I don't want my mom home alone for too long." Christine frowns and Craig takes hold of her hand. "Yeah, you know I better go too Christine, mom probably wants me home early," Jade says. Christine wipes the frown off her face and lightens her expression. "Well okay you two, Hector please walk my sister out would you?" I nod and open the door for her. Jade pulls on her jacket and walks out, waving but still looking forward. "Bye now!" Christine says. I walk out the door and close it behind me. I wave to Craig through the window and he waves back, then he pulls the blinds and I feel lonely. I've haven't felt like this in such a long time.

Jade is just a few feet up ahead, so I jog lightly until I'm right next to her. Her arms are crossed, cold I'm guessing. It feels nice to me. The cool wind in my face, making my cheeks burn. Its a nice sensation you can't get anywhere else. Except from kissing. I look down. Kind of ashamed about thinking that while next to a girl. Shes gorgeous. A major beauty but she has no interest in me, hates me even.

She turns her head, checking to see if I'm there. "I never would of thought my sister would get pregnant, especially with a guy like him, but when I saw how they looked together so happy and complete, I knew I was wrong. They look so adorable together. With the baby coming soon, I might not see her for awhile. Their son is going to be one handsome little thing." She laughs lightly and I laugh with her. "Yeah I know what you mean, they really love each other though," I say. Jade nods, "I'm not sure I believe in love. Seems so impossible, something humans made up, but when I saw them I now know it is real." She smiles and looks ahead, her eyes look so mesmerizing in the light, I could stare at them for hours. Man this chick is something. It totally blows that she hates me, but the conversation is getting good. We stop at an old pick up truck. Its orange but I like old pick up trucks, very cool looking... She looks for her keys in her pocket. "So boob staring Hector, need a ride to your car?" I smile. "No that's ok. I can walk. I live right around the corner." "Oh yeah?" She says. I nod.

I need to stop being an idiot and do something. Anything... but I can't bring myself to do something. She plays with her keys. Okay think Hector... THINK for gods sake. The only thing that comes to my mind is kiss her. Before I know it were locking lips. My hands on her waist. Her hands on my head, pulling my closer. Our mouths are moving so nicely. This feels great. She steps back and looks me in the eyes. She smiles and says, "I can't believe I did that, I thought you were a jerk and.... and.... Well your cute..." She laughs. I smile and hug her to me. Close and tight. It seems like I've known her forever. Like I've been with her forever. She takes a piece of paper and a pen out of her jacket pocket and writes down her number. "Here. Call me tomorrow. We can go hang out or something." I kiss her again, running my hands down her neck, all the way to her waist. She pulls away and hops in her truck. Shes smiling at me.

When she leaves, I miss her already and so I call her. She picks up and says, "You are one lonely boy aren't you?" I smile and say, "Can't help it. When I meet a girl like you, I just can't let her drive away in an old pick up truck dreaming about her boyfriend with a Big Mac and fries, regretting she kissed some handsome guy in the street." She says, "Whoops. Too late..." I laugh and she laughs too. "Call me tomorrow okay? My parents will flip if they know I'm talking to a boy, well just being on the phone in general. I never use this thing." "Okay. Under one circumstance... I get to kiss you when ever I feel like it." I can hear her laughing on the other end, then she says, "Sure, but under one circumstance, you go out with me more than once." I smile, "Deal," I say. Then I hang up.

6 months later

I feel so revived. Alive and happy. So happy, and I thought she hated me when I first met her.

Its been six incredible months with this sexy, hot, sweet, adoring, loving, girl. I think I'm in love with her, Jade. My sweet girl. My wonderful everything.

I never thought I could actually fall in love. But here I am. My life has finally started. Instead being my dreary black and white days, my life is filled with color and life. I love Jade and I'm planning on telling her that tonight. Hopefully shes ready.


Three years later Hector and Jade married. Ever since they met their lives were changed forever. A love unlike any other. Christine and Craig lived their life happier than most teens married and they have never stopped loving each other. On September 17, 2009 little Steven was born. He was everything Christine and Craig had ever wanted. Hector and Jade visit them daily. They love little Steven as if he were their own. It seems that everyone's happy ending finally came true... :)

P.S. This story is dedicated to my dear friend Hector. I told him I usually take my friends and make them into stories so he wanted one of him. He wanted to know how I would portray him in a story. Its only a short story and I tried detailing it as best I can. I hope you enjoyed it. HAPPY EVER AFTER HECTOR!! AT LEAST YOU DIDN'T DIE IN THE STORY!! LOL. :)

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