August 6, 2009

Late Night Inspirations

I was thinking about how Jake always likes to contradict what I say. Everything I say he just needs to say the other point of view. It really gets me thinking and I really appreciate it. Thank you Jakez! Luv ya buddy!

So here I am sitting in my room... Or rather laying/lying on my bed. The fan is going back and forth on my sister. Of course... Pretty, pretty princess needs to be treated extra special while her sister is roasting like a frickin fried chicken over here. The window is open but I'm on the other side of the window. So she gets the window, the fan, and two book shelves (I don't really care 'bout the book shelves) and I'm stuck in the cat pee corner where my cat named Kitty (yes her name is kitty. My family isn't too good with the imagination of pet names, thank god my name is not Girl yet Jewish boys are named Guy... Thank god I'm not Jewish...) likes to pee ever since she was tiny little thing that could fit under the couch. Now shes too fat to where she cant even put her pinky under the couch... I weighed her last year... She was 15 pounds but I love the little darling. Shes got such a personality and spunk for a cat. She has attitude... My family likes to think shes just like me which makes me her adoptive parent. Fun right? No, not fun... Although all I do is pet and kiss her and tell how wonderful she is and I feed her... Occasionally. You might wonder how if shes so fat and I don't feed her much is possible but lets say her adoptive Grandma is very good about the idea of "A full stomach." Shes cute and her cheeks are puffy and chunky. Shes really a doll. Just a wonderful thing. I love it when her pupils go big and she looks like a cute little kitten whose a tad over-sized. Just a TAD. :] I got her in first grade and I brought her to my show-and-tell one time where she started sucking on my giant stuffed horse because she thought it was her mom... Poor thing... So I could never bring my stuffed animal out. So it remained in the garage and actually a few weeks ago my dad took the stuffed horse to Goodwill. Who ever thought of Goodwill is a genius because who wouldn't want a stuffed horse that was sucked on by a sad, depressed kitten who misses her real Mama. Exactly. I know I would. :D .....I was just kidding by the way....

If I were to explain my room I would tell you it is a tornadoe... I know everyone says this because us humans are not very functional about organization so I guess this is typical. Especially since I'm a teen, normal right? So lets see, to my right is an In-N-Out cup and a can of Root Beer and some papers and a lamp that are situated on top of mine and my sisters Crate and Barrel lamp stand. Wonderful huh? Expensive furniture but we clutter it with our junk. I like to think were updating it to 21st century because really? Who would clean their night stand when they have to worry about keeping their job and house and all that good stuff? Right? Yet I have a feeling I'm wrong. You people who constantly clean their night stands are burdens for me because I'm trying to make a point about how I am a normal American but all you do is make me look bad! Thanks guys! THANKS. :/

To my left is my beautiful bookshelf... With all my wonderful books. Man I love my books. They make me glow. Hehe. They are so gorgeous with their silky smooth covers. Its a wonderful feeling knowing every story to each book. Its like I am a woman of knowledge. Mrs. Knowledge woman. :] Oh and theres also another lamp, but the books are more important. I have so many wonderful books. If there was a fire I would take those babies and my phone. Everything and everybody else can just deal, I want to live and I want my posessions in PERFECT condition. Not a mark on them. At all! O.o ....I'm just kidding... But I would grab my most favorite books if we had enough time.

Have you ever just put on music and just stared at everything around you in the middle of the night? If not, then try it. Its a remarkable feeling. Everything is so in sync and calm and you start to think and wonder and hope and love and yet you feel so content. So happy. On some occasions it might make you cry because it can get overwhelming, or is that just me? I hope I'm not the only one... Man I am aren't I? ...Perfect. Another thing I'm considered a freak for. Lovely. Well I better get to bed. Even though I'm only a little tired and I bet my sis can't sleep 'cause of the key boards tapping away so I might as well be nice... I guess. Goodnight everyone! And happy my-life-sucks day! :D YAY!

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